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Welcome to the Glissade page. If you are looking for high-quality ski bags or boot bags, you've come to the right place! Join World Champions, many U.S. National Team members, Olympians and other serious skiers by protecting your valuable equipment with the best - Glissade Ski Bags

We make our ski bags to the length of your skis, whether 160's or 280's

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 About Glissade Ski Bags    
I'm Jim Gerlach, the owner of Glissade Ski Bags. Glissade is a small company producing high quality, hand-made ski bags for serious skiers. We are located in Shakopee, Minnesota (near Minneapolis), where we produce what we believe are the best ski bags available to protect your ski equipment. If there is anything you would like to know about our ski bags that you don't see here, please give me a call at 952-496-1927 or e-mail

Glissade Double Ski Bags Ski Bag:

"The Rolls Royce of ski carriers" - Ski Magazine January 2007
"Bombproof Construction" - Skiing Magazine October 1993
"The Cadillac of ski bags" - Powder Magazine Fall 2007
"A total protection package like nothing we've ever seen." - Cross Country Skier
"The overall finish of this bear of a bag is superb." - Back Country December 1995
"Fully Armored." - Outside November 1993
"Bomb proof bag" - Snow Country December 1994
"Even a diabolical ski handler couldn't harm skis encased in the Glissade Double Ski Bag." - Ski Magazine October 1995
"Highly recommended." - Ski Trax Canada
"You won't find a better ski bag." - Adventure West December 1995

The Glissade Quad Ski Bag:

"Extremely well padded and constructed. The interior is nicely designed - it's obvious skiers made this bag." - Powder October 1993

Take a look at the full specs of our Ski Bags and Boot & Duffel Bags.

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 The Glissade
All of our ski bags are hand made in the United States and are fully warranteed. We use the best fabrics, mostly 1050 Ballistic nylon and Cordura nylon, thick webbing and large #10 zippers. We don't believe in being thrifty on thread, either.

You won't find our products in stores. Our goal is quality, not quantity! Because we make our ski bags by hand from the best materials available, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the Glissade product you choose.

We will refund or exchange your ski bag if it has not been used or damaged. We will refund, replace or repair any ski bag that does not meet your expectations. Damage due to wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable cost.

 To Order:  

Being a little old fashioned, we prefer to speak with you via telephone or email when you order, that ensures that you will get the right ski bag, correctly sized, on time. Email is also a good way to initiate an order or ask questions.

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We sell direct to the purchaser only, and accept paypal and some credit cards. We ship by UPS ground service which will arrive anywhere in the continental U.S. in 1 to 5 business days. We also can ship next day and second day air. We will quote you a shipping cost upon ordering.

You can also reach us by:

U.S. Mail
Glissade Ski Bags
4855 Eagle Creek Boulevard
Shakopee, Minnesota 55379

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